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From Tokyo to Ardeche

Covid changed lives. Unexpected births, life moves, job changes, changes of scenery, reconversions, moments of discouragement but also good surprises and new opportunities... Ayaka was a guide for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking tourists in Tokyo, while I worked in a travel agency present in many Asian countries, organizing tailor-made trips for the same public. Two activities difficult to maintain when the borders close.

But beyond the situation pushing for change, projects, still vague, were dozing somewhere in the back of our head... A desire to settle in Europe for Ayaka, born during a one-year stay in Spain, a desire to open a B&B on my side, one day... The pandemic will only have pushed us a little harder in the direction of our dreams... Opening a Bed & Breakfast in Ardeche was therefore born of an economic situation, of buried desires... but also of a double discovery: that of a region of France that we knew very little about, and of a marvelous 17th century house in a small hamlet. We will tell you more very soon about our little hamlet, about our house, and about our guest rooms. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to subscribe to follow our blog (at the top of the page)! You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

And also you can take a closer look at what the house looks like in the photo gallery. You can see from the exterior photos that what we also liked was the climate. The winter did not prevent us from walking, quite the contrary. Soon a post on this blog that will explain why come see us out of season! In any case, we are open! If we are already full this summer, we still have availability at the start and end of the season.

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