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3 easy walks from the Relais des Bouziges

No car needed! Starting from our home, you will find kilometers of hiking trails. We are in a low mountain area of ​​southern Ardèche, so depending on the routes you may find a bit of elevation gain, but in general the walks are rather easy and family friendly. Many trails intersect around here, so the duration is totally your choice. From a few minutes to several hours, and even several days. In the middle of summer, we recommend that you avoid the midday sun, it can get hot around here!

1. Vineyards and forests to Saint-Michel church - 1.75h - easy

The trail starts flat through the forest from the hamlet of Les Bouziges, with lovely views down the valley towards Rochepierre and Joyeuse. If the weather is clear, you can even see the Vercors mountains in the distance. The trail then leads through the vineyards, then descends to Vernon village, arriving above the Saint-Michel church and the castle. Magnificent views on the valley again, with the Beaume river in the background flowing from the nearby mountains. Return through the forest to complete this loop which gives a good overview of the surrounding countryside.

Saint Michel church in Vernon
Vineyards near Relais des Bouziges

2. Around Versas - 1h - Very easy

A truly family friendly wlak, almost entirely on concrete road for those who have a little trouble with the trails bumps! Traffic is close to non existant, you should not be bothered! After having taken the forest path which leads to the main road, this walk goes up to the castle of Versas which overlooks the valley, and crosses the nearby hamlet. Again stunning views over the valley towards Joyeuse, with the Beaume river below. You will also be crossing a hamlet with traditional stone houses. Icing on the cake: the inhabitants of this hamlet have adopted animals that can be greeted from the road: donkeys, chickens, goats... and even a llama and an alpaca!

Sheeps near Bouziges
Donkeys in Versas

3. Rochepierre by the river - 1.5h - easy

From the hamlet, a path descends into the valley to the Rochepierre stream, which you will cross on a small stone bridge. From the coolness of the woods, you will go up the paved road for a few hundred meters, to then go back into the forest on the other side. The path returns to the stream and goes up to the Bouziges. Way up is a bit steep but nothing major, and the path is sheltered by trees.

Joyeuse Valley
Our hamlet from the path

Do not hesitate to contact us during your stay, the house is surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of trails, and the whole region is a paradise for walkers!

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